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The Express Moms

meet lisa

I had no idea how becoming a mom would impact my life. I’m no mom expert but love the chance to do my best each day in being Mom. I am wife to Tony, a mom to Ellis, Emery, Louie, and Levin and a bonus mom to Michael. I live in Iowa with lots of family support from our family. My mom and I went into business together after knowing there was a need for better hands-free pumping options and we created the Express Strap. The Express Strap is intended to be used as an ‘express’, quick, easy way to pump hands free using any nursing bra. What a fun adventure this has been to have a product that so many busy pumping moms benefit from and making it all happen with my own mom. 

I love reading, shopping at Target, and running. A day spent with family is a good day.